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PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsAfro-Haitian Dance with Yanui
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Afro-Haitian Dance with yanui Cesar. Saturday afternoonsSaturdays
All Levels - 3:00-4:00pm
Come experience the rhythm of the drums as they carry your body to relaxation and emotional expression. Afro Haitian Dance is not only a form of structured movement, but also a great cardio work out and beautiful tradition of different cultures. Join Yanui every Saturday at 3:00pm to experience what all the drumming is about. Hope to see you soon!!
Weiselande "Yanui" Cesar has been dancing for over eighteen years. Ms. Cesar profoundly enjoys teaching, her other passion. She holds degrees in Theater, Exceptional Student Education and as a specialist in Educational Leadership from Barry University. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Human Services at Walden University. Ms. Cesar is the founder of the not-for-profit organization, Tradisyon Lakou Lakay, which focuses on maintaining a positive image of the Haitian culture through art, music, dance and literature. Ms. Cesar has also served as the assistant director of dance for Sosyete Koukouy, and choreographed several pieces for school functions throughout Miami Dade County. She has collaborated on recordings, with artists such as Nil Lara, serving as background vocalist. Ms. W. "Yanui" Cesar holds a lifetime membership with the Cambridge Who's Who. She is currently teaching Afro Haitian dance at PAN, Performing Artists Network and the Little Haiti Cultural Center.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsTap Dance with Nina Martin
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Tap Classes with Nina MartinWednesdays
Children's Tap - 6:00–7:00pm
Teens and Adults Tap - 11:00am-12:00pm
Come move your feet to the rhythm with Nina Martin. Tap dance explores the inner musical voice by creating rhythms and movement for expression.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsPhysical Theatre with Nina Martin
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Tap Classes with Nina MartinFridays
Teens and Adults - 4:00-5:00pm
Studying Physical Theatre gives students a strong foundation for all dance and theater work, developing the body as an instrument of expression and learning technique and theory that is the essence of creativity and performance.
Nina Martin started her life in the theater world when she was five years old. She holds a Ph.D. in non-verbal theater from the Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU) in Prague, Czech Republic. Ms. Martin studied under the National Theater Association in Austria, as well as at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri (Switzerland) and Atelier de Belleville – mime corporel (France). She had the honor to meet and work with Maestro Marcel Marceau in several master classes.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsActing Children and Adults with André Gainey
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Acting Children and Adults with Andre GaineyThursdays
Beg/ Int Children - 5:00-6:00pm
Beg/ Int Teens and Adults - 6:00-7:00pm
Acting is a great form of expression and awareness. Our theatre classes will help students understand more about themselves and the world around them, while bringing out their creative potential. In this class students will learn about acting and theatre, while developing themselves as instruments of expression. There will be auditions for productions and community performances. Please join us every Thursday for class with Andre Gainey.
André L. Gainey is an Educator in the Miami Dade County Public School System where he currently teaches at the Young Men's Preparatory Academy. He is in his 27th year in education. He is also an actor and director on the South Florida acting scene. In his 25 plus years on the stage and film Andre' has worked in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Mr. Gainey believes that theatre is a place to reflect on life and share life experiences with audiences, allowing them to learn and reflect on their lives and the lives of others. During his career, Andre' has appeared in principle roles at Miami Dade College as Pop in "Rainmaker", Boy Willie in "Piano Lesson" and Frankie in "Mighty Gents". He has performed in Orlando as Gabriel in "Fences", Boo in "Livin' Fat", Reuben Tate in "Zooman and the Sign", Malcolm X at the Zorah Neale Hurston Festival, in Miami as Kanaka in "Psycho Beach Party", Touchstone in "As You Like It", St. Peter in "Jury Duty", as Ephraim in "Moon on a Rainbow Shawl", as Will in "Flyin West", Purlie in "Purlie Victorious", Leland in "Blues for an Alabama Sky", Walter in "Raisin in the Sun" in "On the Porch with Danny Glover", as Jerome in "Fiction of Law", as Ole School in "Hustle", as the Pimp in "Hampton House", and in many other productions. Andre is the co-founder for AAPACT, African American Performing Arts Community Theatre. His favorite saying is "Live, Love and Laugh, I can't have it all to himself."

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsSalsa with Marisol Blanco
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Salsa with Marisol BlancoTuesdays
Beg/ Int Salsa Teens and Adults - 7:00-8:00pm
Are you interested in a class full of flavor, rhythm and energy? Whether you have been beating the dance floor for years or simply have a curiosity for culture, this class is for you! Join us for our Salsa class every Tuesday at 7pm. Ladies and Gentlemen, let's bring back this sensual and classy dance. Impress that special person in your life with your Latin moves.
Join Marisol Blanco. Even if you've never danced salsa, she will get you to the level you need to be! We hope to see you soon.
Marisol Blanco is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher. She specializes in teaching fun and energetic classes in Zumba, Afro-Cuban Folklore, Salsa and other Latin dance styles.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsZumba Classes
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Zumba Classes with Beatriz MellaThursdays
Teens and Adults 7:00–8:00pm
Zumba is a fitness class that uses a fusion of Latin and International rhythms with easy-to-follow moves. It includes both cardio and resistance training components designed to tone and sculpt the entire body. Zumba is designed for teens and adults of all ages and fitness levels.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsHip Hop Teens and Adults with Monique Fons
Beg/ Int Hip Hop Teens and Adults - 11:00am-12:00pm
Who said adults can't "break a couple moves"? Our Hip Hop class welcomes students of all levels and ages. Come push yourself the extra step while getting a great workout and having fun. This class motivates you to experience rhythm while letting your body interpret the lyrics and feeling.
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Hip Hop with Monique FonsHip Hop Children with Monique Fons
Beg/ Int Hip Hop Children - 12:00-1:00pm
Is your child full of energy? Is your child creative? Does your child need an opportunity for self-expression? This class is available for every student, no matter the personality. Bring them to our Hip Hop class on Saturdays and see how it can help bring the talent out of your child. This class not only teaches structure, style, coordination and concentration, but it also encourages your child to explore their creative self. What are you waiting for? Call us now.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsBelly Dancing with Effy
PAN, Performing Arts Network - belly dance classes with Effy. Wednesday eveningsWednesdays
Beg/ Int Teens and Adults - 6:00-7:00pm
Come move your hips to the rhythm with Effy. This class is for individuals who are interested in a good core workout while feeling beautiful and learning Middle Eastern dance technique. This class will help you to be more creative and flexible while strengthening and toning your body. Come tell your story using your body as an instrument. Hurry and join us. There's a space available for you!
Effy Polizogopoulos is an internationally accomplished dance instructor, performer and choreographer. She started her career as a dancer from an early age, training in ballet. Later, she studied Contemporary Dance, Afro Peruvian dance, Argentine Tango and Middle Eastern dance. Ms. Polizogopoulos believes in the expression of the soul through movement; this is reflected in the magic and beauty of her graceful, emotional and powerful dance style. She has performed at events throughout South Florida, South America, The Caribbean, The Arabic Emirates and Eastern Europe.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsBallet Classes
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Ballet danceTuesdays (with Brigette Cormier)
Beg/ Int Children Pre Ballet - 6:00–7:00pm
Beg/ Int Children Ballet - 7:00–8:00pm
Beg/ Int Teens and Adults - 8:00–9:00pm
Saturdays (with Carolina Diaz)
Beg/ Int Children Pre Ballet - 12:00-1:00pm
Beg/ Int Children Ballet - 1:00-2:00pm
Beg/ Int Teens and Adults - 2:00-3:00pm
Learn the foundation of Ballet technique that is the doorway to all forms of dance. With a basic knowledge of theory and practice, students will be able to continue in dance training in any area they choose. With a strong focus on placement and correct work, this class will provide a supportive and enjoyable environment for learning and development.
Bridgette Cormier started dancing at the age of 7, training extensively in Tap and Jazz, and becoming an advanced student at a young age. She began her study of Classical Ballet at the age of 11. Ms. Cormier received her Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) Degree in Dance from the New World School of the Arts and University of Florida in Miami, FL in 2011. Her training while at the New World School of the Arts included Contemporary Ballet, Pointe, the Modern Dance techniques of Graham, Limon, and Horton, Composition, Anatomy and Kinesiology, in depth Music Studies, and Dance History. As a professional dancer, Ms. Cormier danced with choreographer Brigid Baker as a member of her company, Whole Project, from 2009-2012, with Peter London in his dance company, Peter London Global Dance Company, from 2012-2014, as well as freelancing with Miami based choreographers Pioneer Winter and Ivonne Batanero

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsFlamenco Classes
With Ilisa Rosal, Artistic Director of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Flamenco Classes with Ilisa RosalWednesdays
Beg/ Int Flamenco Technique - 7:00–8:00pm
Beg/ Int Flamenco Choreography - 8:00–9:00pm
Beg/ Int Flamenco Technique - 1:00–2:00pm
Beg/ Int Flamenco Choreography - 2:00–3:00pm
In the Beg/Int. Flamenco Technique class, students will learn the foundation of Flamenco, including the core aspects of Zapateado (footwork), Braseo(arms), Castanuelas (castanets) and Technique for hand movements, as well as basic dance steps and rhythms. This class will help the student develop the elegant balance of motion and energy to express the passion that is the hallmark of Flamenco! Students will also learn Sevillanas, a regional dance from Sevilla, and Fandangos de Huelva, with steps and arm work that prepare the student for other Flamenco dances. The Beg/ Int Flamenco Choreography class explores different "palos" (rhythms) of Flamenco. Students learn the rhythms, "palmas" (hand clapping) and sections of dances that include Alegrias, Tangos, Bulerias, Solea, Tarantos, Tientos, Martinete and Seguiriyas.
Ilisa Rosal is an innovator in her art form, having created over one hundred pieces in the pure Flamenco style as well as cross-cultural collaborations and full-length dramatic Flamenco Ballets. She trained most of the working Flamenco dancers in Miami, many of whom have gone on to form their own performing groups. Under her guidance, Ballet Flamenco La Rosa has come to be respected as one of the finest companies in Florida, consistently performing to sell-out crowds, standing ovations and rave reviews. Ms. Rosal's training included extensive study in Spain with Ciro, El Guito, La Tati, Azorin, Manolete, Paco Fernandez, Mercedes and Albano, Jose Granero, and Paco Romero. In 1981 Miss Rosal studied in New York with Jose Molina (Flamenco and Classical Spanish), Mariano Parra (Escuela Bolera), Jeanne Brescianni (Isadora Duncan Technique), Rajika Puri (Bharat Natyam) and Charles Moore (African Dance). From 1975-1980 Miss Rosal studied Spanish Dance with Luisita Sevilla and Jose Molina. She trained intensively in Classical Ballet with Susan Stadler and Modern/Jazz (Luigi Technique) with Beatrice Laverne. She studied drama at the University of Miami and Classical Ballet in N.Y. with David Howard and Nanette Charisse.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsStretch and Ballet Barre with Ilisa Rosal
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Stretch and Ballet Barre with Ilisa RosalTuesdays and Thursdays
All Levels - 10:00–11:00am
Start your mornings off right! Join us for our stretch class every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10:00am-11:00am with Ilisa Rosal. You will have a chance to relax your muscles and mind before taking on the day, while building flexibility, strength, tone and posture. This class is for dancers and non-dancers alike.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsStretching, Placement and Alignment with Juan Maria Seller
Mondays and Fridays
Beg/ Int Teens and Adults - 10:00–11:00am
This is a great class for establishing and maintaining a strong foundation of dance technique and enjoying a beautiful workout.
Contemporary Dance Technique with Juan Maria Seller
Mondays and Fridays
Int/ Adv Teens and Adults - 11:00–12:30pm
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Contemporary Dance Technique with Juan Maria SellerOne and a half hour class for professional dancers and students with a foundation in modern and contemporary dance.
These classes consist of technique for discovery of one's own body as an instrument to dance. The exercises are based on the technique evolved by choreographer, teacher and dancer Juan Maria Seller who explores skeletal alignment, and articular and muscular development, giving importance to the center of energy as a transmitter of energy and emotion, applying the breathing as a method of "dancing together" without the necessity of using counts. He also uses contact improvisation as a tool for discovery.
Dance Therapy with Juan Maria Seller
Mondays and Fridays
Beg/ Int Teens and Adults - 9:00-10:00am
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Dance Therapy with Juan Maria SellerThis one hour class helps individuals with movement difficulties such as osteoarthritis, postural problems, injuries, and pain. It is also great for anyone looking for a good workout and a class that improves strength, flexibility, balance and wellness.
Juan Maria Seller is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher from Badajoz, Spain. He was trained in the disciplines of theatre, dance-theatre, ballet, modern and contemporary dance. Since 2005 he has been developing a broad teaching method that is suitable for dancers with and without disabilities. His theatre and dance studies began at the "Centro Dramático de la Diputación Provincial de Badajoz", and continued at the "Conservatorio de Arte Dramático y Danza de Sevilla", and continued with Luis Fuentes and Víctor Ullate. In 1991 he was selected to study at the Martha Graham School in New York. He studied with Pilar Pérez Calvete, Marisol Higueras, Luis Fuentes, Brinard Mel, Norio Yoshida, Víctor Ullate, Joan Cassasas, Carl Paris, Paul Grey, Jacome Philipe and Myrna Renaud. Between 1984 and 1990, he worked with the companies "Pas Pie", "Atalaya", Sevilla and "Ramón Solé". He worked with "Compañía de Danza Cristina Magnet", "Transit", "Ensitu Danza", and "Amalgama". He created and maintained his own dance company "Seller Danza" for 5 years in Spain. He has an extensive repertoire of pieces premiered in Spain, France, Portugal, and Puerto Rico including "Recordanzas", "Tiempo de Tango", "Sefirah", Angels, "As Saudades Nossas" and "Arte por la Vida". In Puerto Rico he worked as a Ballet Master and Choreographer for the company "Dramadanza" and created several choreographies for "Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico" including Don't Cry Paris premiered in the "XXVIII Festival de Coreógrafos", Western Theater Ballet with his version of "Carmen" and "Coda 21" with Behind the Bricks. Currently, Mr. Seller resides and works in Miami where he has presented a solo for the Miami Open Stage. He has choreographed for the Miami Arts Charter School and for PAN, Performing Arts Network. As a dancer, he works with Karen Peterson and Dancers where he has performed for their25th Anniversary as well as for the guest Serbian Company "Hajde da". He was also rehearsal assistant for "Harmonicum Accordion | Act l" by Lazaro Godoy, GodoyPradera Projects.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsGuitar, Vocals and Music Writing with Jacob George
Please call to schedule private lessons or enroll in group classes.
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Guitar, Vocals and Music Writing with Jacob GeorgeSpecializing in Rock, Blues and Folk, this instructor equips his students the tools they need to find their artistic path.
Jacob George helps students at all levels to develop their technique whether their goals are to play the guitar, sing or write songs. Private and Semi-private Lessons are being scheduled now.
Jacob George is an American singer/songwriter, well known as the guitarist and singer for rock band Powder Monkey. Mr. George was born in Miami, Florida into a family of artists. From a young age, he began to focus on music as a means of understanding and expressing his experiences. While still in high school, he took on the role of bandleader for Voices United, a non-profit youth organization that promotes cross-cultural understanding through the performing and visual arts.
With Voices United, he traveled to Istanbul, Turkey and Lesotho, South Africa to perform original music. Mr. George started several bands in Miami, and gained a large following, performing at local bars and music venues. After moving to Boston he formed the band Powder Monkey, which has gained a strong local following.
Mr. George holds a Bachelor's Degree in Song Writing from Berklee College of Music in Boston. In his teaching, he values helping students find their own creative voice while developing their technique.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsClassical Guitar with Paul Martin
Please call to schedule private lessons or enroll in group classes.
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Classical Guitar with Paul MartinIf you are a fan of classical music you will love this class! Paul Martin is an extraordinary instructor who works well with students of all levels and ages. You will learn the basic guitar chords, rhythms and fingering techniques. With practice and determination you will be able to play masterworks by Bach, Handel, Ravel, Mozart and others. Don't let your talent go undeveloped. Classical training provides the foundation for all music.
Paul Martin formally began studies in classical guitar with renowned teachers Jerry Willard, Timothy Walker, and Angel Romero at the age of 16. He studied further at Stonybook University in New York and at Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. He has taught privately and for New York, Jamaican and Miami schools for the past twenty years. His solo and ensemble performances have taken him from New York to England, Mexico, Connecticut, Bermuda, and most recently to The Lincoln Theatre with New World Symphony Flautist Suzanna Self. Mr. Martin has created his own classical music group, The Meridian Ensemble, which has performed throughout South Florida to great acclaim.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsFlamenco Guitar with Jesus Rodriguez, "El Sivi"
Please call to schedule private lessons or enroll in group classes.
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Flamenco Guitar with Jesus Rodriguez, El SiviIn Flamenco the guitarist plays a key role. In this style of guitar, the instrument must become part of your body. The most unique thing about flamenco guitar is that each rhythm is spontaneous and different according to the musicians' instinct. The guitarist may play as a soloist and also accompany the singer and dancer. Learn this wonderful style and technique as well as how to improvise.
Jesus Rodriguez, "El Sivi" was born in Malaga, Spain. He grew up with a love for Flamenco music and spent his childhood going to the many Flamenco Festivals throughout Andalucia. His family was part of the Flamenco culture. He began to play guitar at the age of twelve with Pedro Blanco, teacher of the famous "Tomatito". After mastering the technique of accompanying Flamenco singing, he accompanied his father, also known as "El Sivi", a Flamenco singer, in Festivals and Flamenco Contests of Cadiz, Sevilla and throughout Spain, as well as on local television. In 1999, "Sivi" traveled to Japan to perform in a tablao where he met Almudena, a Flamenco singer from Guadalajara, Spain. They traveled together throughout England, Spain, and in the U.S., in San Francisco and with Ballet Flamenco La Rosa in Miami. They were married in Guadalajara, Spain, in 2005 and continue to tour together with various companies internationally.

PAN Miami. dance theater music classes for children teens and adultsFlamenco Singing with Almudena Caceres
Please call to schedule private lessons or enroll in group classes.
PAN, Performing Arts Network - Flamenco Singing with Almudena CaceresIn a Flamenco performance, apart from the dancing, "Flamenco Singing" is one of the most captivating parts of the experience. Flamenco singing is a rare and beautiful art, and taught by the right instructor, will take you through a magnificent journey. Almudena's sensitive artistry, powerful performance and authentic knowledge and commitment to her art form, makes her one of those rare talents, as a soloist, accompanist and teacher. She is always a pleasure and a privilege for audiences, students and fellow artists alike to experience.
Almudena Caceres was born in Guadalajara, Spain and began singing at age four, everything from coplas to Flamenco. She studied under the tutelage of Maestro Juan Madrid where she learned the subtleties and cadence for flamenco dance accompaniment. Ms. Caceres has toured and performed as a soloist all over Europe and Asia with various companies as well collaborating as chorus on several musical recordings. Currently she is a member of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa in Miami, while also performing at local Flamenco clubs.

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